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Troubleshooting Resources

Restarting Your Computer

It’s important to do this at least two times a week so that the computer can do its weekly updates. Computers that are restarted regularly run better and have less problems. 


  • (New!) English
  • (Coming soon!) Spanish 

Restarting Your Computer

General Technology Tips

Is your child getting the message that the “Microsoft licensing is expiring?” Here’s how to fix this:

  • Go to the nearest FCPS school (doesn’t have to be Bailey’s)
  • In the parking lot, restart the device 2 times while connected to the FCPS wifi
  • After the 2nd restart, while still at the FCPS school, log into the device with child’s username/password to make sure the licensure notification goes away

Troubleshooting Audio & Video

How to change audio/video settings in Google Chrome

  • Open up a chrome tab/window

  • Click on the 3 dots at the top-right and click settings

  • Search Camera and click on Site Settings

  • Click on the arrow next to camera

  • Click on arrow/dots next to bb.collab and select allow

  • Click on the arrow next to microphone and select allow

Microphone still not working?

Try pressing the Fn key and the F4 key on your keyboard at the same time. The little white dot light on the F4 key should be OFF

keyboard settings

Setting Up Your Technology

Please complete the steps below once you have your FCPS laptop.  We encourage you to have your child do these steps once a day until school starts. A Bailey’s staff member will be in touch with you this week and next week to make sure each step has been completed.  

  1. Video - Plug the laptop into an outlet. (Video in Spanish)
  2. Video - Turn on your laptop only hit the power button one time (Spanish instructions linked)
  3. Video - Log into the computer 
  4. Connect to the internet
  5. Find Google Chrome (see image below)
  6. Video - Log into your Google account
  7. Video - Find the Blackboard Collaborate invitation email
  8. Video - Click on your class Blackboard Collaborate (BBCU) link

google chrome icon

Need Help?  Call the FCPS Parent Technology Help Desk

  • The number is 1-833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS). It will be answered by staff 7 11 p.m., seven days a week.
  • Parents or guardians who need help in a language other than English should let help desk staff know, and an interpreter will join them on the line. 

Still Need Help? 

Connecting the FCPS Mifi from Your Device

Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (BBCU)

Resetting a Password

Forgot or Need to Change Your Password for FCPS 24-7, SIS Account, Google, or the FCPS Network?

Connecting Bluetooth Device

Google Classroom

Tips & Tricks for Using Your Computer!

Check out these resources to become more familiar with your laptop! 

Want to learn about something else that isn't listed here? Email Mrs. Q at @email with your suggestions!


  • (New!) How To: Add & Delete Bookmarks in Google Chrome 



  • (New!) Video: (student view) How to share your screen with your teacher in BBCU 
    • ​​​​​​​English | Spanish (coming soon!)
    • You may need to do this if you are having trouble with your technology and your teacher wants to see your screen to help

FCPS YouTube Help Channel - County Created Videos for Common Technical Issues

FCPS has developed videos to help students and parents with common technology issues. From computer microphone, video issues to logging into BBCU and Google Classroom.

Technology Support for Families

Access technology videos and technology resources to help your student in the virtual learning environment.


Parent Technology Help Desk can be reached at 833-921-3277 (833-921-FCPS) between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., seven days a week.


If you need help or are having issues with your laptop please complete this form.