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Bailey's Elementary has an amazing array of programs to meet students' needs and help them thrive.  As one of the two elementary magnet schools in our district, we have both classroom teachers and specialized educators that focus on the sciences, the arts, and technology.  In science, we have outdoor classroom programs, a dedicated science lab, and teachers that are constantly looking for ways to help students learn through scientific processes and resources.  In arts, we have programs focused on music, visual arts, drama, and creative movement.  Since 1999 Bailey’s has been in partnership with the Kennedy Center as part of the Changing Education Through the Arts Program (CETA).  As a result of this partnership, our teachers seek innovative ways to integrate the arts throughout the curricula.  In addition, our programs are supported by the latest technologies including laptops, document cameras, SMART Boards, and iPads. 

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We also focus on helping many students be bilingual in Spanish and English through our Spanish Immersion Program and our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program.  Our Spanish Immersion program helps English speakers gain a solid foundation in Spanish language and culture, beginning in kindergarten and first grade.  Our ESOL program supports students in learning English within authentic learning contexts. The combination of our unique programs and outstanding teachers and staff represent our commitment to each child.  We support each student to continually grow and thrive in his or her ability to understand, express, inquire, connect, and hope.

Over 1300 students make up our school community.  Together, they represent over 40 countries of origin and over 30 different languages spoken at home. Individually, our students have talents that range across the arts, academics, physical skills, interpersonal skills, and others.  Each of these talents is nurtured and valued.

Our teachers and staff are an incredible group of high-achievers who are always learning and growing as educators and as humanitarians.  Bailey's has long been recognized as a place where theory and practice merge to provide exceptional learning for each student.  It is our teachers -- our lead learners -- that make this happen. 

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