1st grade STEM lab 2018-2019

Take a look at our 1st grade engineers in action!

Unit 1: Introduction to Engineering Design techniques

In this unit, 1st grade civil engineers explore famous monuments across the world and the design techniques used in each. With this knowledge, engineers used design techniques to plan and build a monument for someone or something important in their lives.

Unit 2: Engineering in Motion

In this unit, 1st grade mechanical engineers explore motion (straight, back and forth and circular) and how things move. With this knowledge, engineers used knowledge of motion to plan and build an amusement park ride. 

Unit 3: Designing Shelters

In this unit, 1st grade engineers investigate and understand that animals and humans have basic needs including: air, water, food, and shelter. With this knowledge, students will design a shelter to best protect Ms. Q's dog, "Chunk", from the sun.

1st Grade STEM Photos 2018-2019

Video Recap of 1st Grade Motion Unit