Bailey's 1st Graders Celebrate Veterans Day 

By Sara Quesenbery
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November 11, 2019

Bailey's 1st Graders Celebrate Veterans Day 

1st graders at Bailey's Elementary School had a special visitor for Veterans Day!

Mrs. Elliott's husband, Chief Elliott (active duty), visited all 1st grade classrooms to teach students how to salute and answer questions. 

Students were buzzing with questions for Chief Elliott:

  • Why did you chose to enroll in the military?
  • Why do you wear those clothes (uniform)?
  • What do the symbols on your uniform mean?
  • Do you always have a leader in the military?
  • Have you ever driven a boat, airplane or flown a drone?
  • Do you eat when you work?


Happy Veterans Day to all who served. We are thankful for you and your service!


Veterans Day 2019