Students Create a Community to Teach Others

By Sara Quesenbery
May 12, 2021

Kindergartners in Rozal Ghazanfar and Azucena Reyes' class engaged in two part PBL to design a community and act as tour guides to teach others about communities. 

Driving Question# 1: How can we, as cartographers, create a 3D map of a community?

Driving Question #2: How can we use Dash and Dot robots as tour guides to teach others about our community?


During this PBL, students:

  • Learned about communities, tour guides, and paper folding techniques
  • Planned, designed, and built their own community
  • Collaborated with small groups to write a script for their robot tour guides
  • Programmed Robot tour guides with their script
  • Use technology to code robots to carry out their tour/script
  • Filmed their final product


Community PBL