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Summer Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 am to 12 pm (see link in NYC to access BBCU session)

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Music Bingo: Sing, Play, and Move!

Sound Bingo

Directions:  Take a walk around your house, backyard or neighborhood.  Be very quiet, and listen to what you hear.  See how many ways you can get bingo!

I hear a fast sound.

I hear someone laughing.

I hear MUSIC.

I hear someone playing an instrument.

I hear a car horn.

I hear a loud sound.


I hear water (rain, stream, etc.)

I hear a happy sound.

I hear people talking.

I hear a clock ticking.

I hear a soft



I hear a lawnmower.


I hear a child playing.

I hear an animal sound.

I hear a high



I hear a siren.

I hear silence.

I hear a sad sound.

I hear _______________.

I hear a     low sound.


I hear someone singing.

I hear an airplane.

I hear the wind.

I hear a dog barking.

Music Bingo: Listening Challenge!