Title I Description and Resources

Bailey’s is fortunate to receive federal funding through the “Title I” Program.  This funding provides several teaching positions that benefit students across the school at all of the grade levels.  As part of receiving Title I funding, Bailey’s has a Family Engagement Policy and a Title I School Home Compact. 


Profiles were developed by the state Board of Education to more effectively communicate to parents and the public about the performance of Virginia’s public schools.
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Annual Title I School-wide Plan

A school-wide strategy plan designed to upgrade the entire education program in our Title I School.
Bailey's Title I School Plan

Language Arts

The Title I grant-funded language arts teachers work with students and classroom teachers to develop reading and writing skills. The teachers work together to assess students' strengths and needs. They plan appropriate literacy instruction that helps students meet the challenging standards in the FCPS Program of Studies (POS) and the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL). Many schools also use Title I funds to serve the lowest-achieving first-grade students through the Reading Recovery® Program. Several schools implement Literacy Collaborative™, a professional development model designed to support best practices for classroom literacy instruction.

Literacy Collaborative

Literacy Collaborative™ is a professional development model designed to support literacy instruction in grades K-6. A school-based literacy coordinator works with students, teaches courses, and coaches teachers to help them implement reading and writing instruction. The literacy coordinator helps teachers refine their instruction to meet the literacy needs of all students.


Family Engagement Policy and School-Home Compact

In partnership with families, we use the Title I Grant to improve student achievement.
Bailey's Engagement Policy and Compact

School Improvement Plan

Outcome goals for this academic year.
Bailey's SIIP Plan

Reading Recovery

Reading Recovery® is a short-term, early intervention program. It is designed for first grade children who are not learning to read and write as quickly as their peers. Children in Reading Recovery receive daily lessons from a specially trained teacher for approximately 12-20 weeks. The instruction is in addition to classroom reading and writing instruction.


The Title I grant-funded mathematics teachers provide instruction to help students develop math concepts. problem-solving strategies, and computational skills. Math teachers and classroom teachers collaboratively assess students' strengths and needs and plan appropriate mathematics instruction that helps students meet the challenging standards in the FCPS Program of Studies (POS) and the Virginia Standards of Learning (SOL).