Kindness Matters - Donor's Choose Project

October 10, 2018

Kindness Matters - Donor's Choose Project 

We have over 220 first grade students in our school. Our teachers strive to make a difference both in the academic and social growth of our students. Our teachers are passionate about guiding our students in becoming kind and caring members of our community.


"There are a number of physical and mental health benefits that can be achieved by being kind" (Edutopia, 2015). To function as a successful classroom and school community, we have learned that it is essential that students are taught and encouraged to treat each other with kindness. We would like to create kindness wreaths for our first grade classrooms that help students visualize and celebrate being kind.

Classrooms will have a kindness wreath where students tie on ribbons when someone sees them displaying kindness.

This celebration helps students identify various ways to be kind.

We need lots of ribbon and wreath frames in order to help our first grade students celebrate being kind. Tying on a ribbon will not only empower the student who ties on the wreath, but the other students as they watch their shared wreaths begin to fill with ribbons. These ribbons will be used year after year to continue teaching kindness. Our hope is for kindness to spread from our classrooms, to our school, and to our community and beyond. 


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